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yurJURY Is America's Premier Litigation Management System
to Provide Virtual Mock Trials

yurJURY is the premier provider of virtual mock jury panels, mock trials and focus groups - helping yurJury clients make informed litigation decisions.

yurJUROR Benefits

Hand-select your virtual jurors

Hand-select your virtual jury based on criteria including age, gender, marital status, political status, and many more predictive demographics that can match your actual jury pool.

Your virtual jurors can be swapped out as your actual jury pool changes.

Present your case

You can present your case to the virtual jury in as many different ways as you can imagine - traditional arguments, niche arguments, it's your choice. Don't gamble risky arguments on a real jury before seeing how yurJURY participants respond.

Didn't get the outcome you wanted or expected? Adjust your arguments or jury pool and retry the case to see the differences!

Get Paid

Why risk an uncertain outcome on one jury trial? yurJURY allows you to present arguments from various angles and then adjust those arguments until you reach a desired outcome from a realistic jury pool.

Why wait? Get started today!


"I was skeptical at first until I used the service and saw the results. I am a believer and referred it to the rest of the attorneys at Wallace Saunders Witchita and Overland Park, Kansas."

Timothy Finnerty, JD
Wallace Saunders Attorneys at Law

"The uses of yurJURY are endless. It depends only on the imagination of the attorney using it. I recommend its use by every civil and criminal attorney that wants an advantage on every case.

Rafe Foreman, JD

"There is no other service you can use at every phase of your case that gives you such valuable information. If any attorney wants to discuss yurJURY, have them call me. I will be happy to talk to them."

Bryson Cloon, JD

"yurJury allows attorneys to make evidence based decisions about their case instead of just going by gut feeling or years of experience. There is no other product out there that will do that at a cost that is ridiculously low."

Mark Katz, JD
Coronado & Katz Law Firm

"yurJURY was very insightful for our case. There were some issues that came to our attention that were honestly a complete surprise. It helped us narrow our focus preparing for trial and provided additional information for voir dire. I will absolutely be using the service again and highly recommend it."

Anne Schiavone, JD

"yurJURY is very impressive. It gives you all of the issues in the case. I have used it more than once and will use it again."

Dirk Vandever, JD
Popham Law Firm